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I purchased the SUCCESS bracelet to help me with a lecture I had to give and I was very nervous about it. Well, it went extremely well and I got compliments on what a great lecture I gave and how relaxed I seemed. A big thank you"

Maria S.

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Published in Earrings

Blue Chalcedony Cut and Faceted Earrings.

Blue Chalcedony is very calming and balancing. It is also good for enhanced communication.

Earwires are 14K Gold-Filled

The rest of the Gold is 24K Gold Overlay, (Electroform), which stays lustrous and shiny. It is considered the finest alternative to solid 14K Gold.


Earrings are approx. 1 1/2" long and approx. 1/2" wide.

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  • Price: $69.95
    You Save: $10.00

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